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Getting Started with MicroStation CONNECT (CE) Edition - Report and Presentations
by Marc Thomas - 22 January 2016

The first meeting of the Bentley User Group UK was opened by Greg Bentley who highlighted the Reality Modelling capabilities of Bentley's ContextCapture (formerly Acute3D) tools and highlighted some of the UK finalists and winners of 2015 BE Inspired awards.

Greg Bentley's presentation

Ian Lapper introduced the new group and it's programme:

Chairman's presentation

Stephen Holmes and Robert Jones of Foster + Partners presented an introduction to the MicroStation CONNECT (CE) Edition. Robert gave a brief overview of the new features that MicroStation CE has to offer. Stephen talked us through the changes and improvments to the CONNECT Edition workspace configuration with some useful some tips and advice aimed at orgainisations of all sizes. The overall lesson was that the new workspace has a clearer structure and offers additional flexibility as standard.

Foster + Partners presentation

Bentley: Building Success After Hours
by Marc Thomas - 20 January 2016
Location: Bentley Systems - 9th Floor, 20 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0BG
Date: 03 February 2016
Time: 17:30

February's event will cover two topics, the forthcoming AECOsim Building Designer SS6 Update 1 and a run down on the differences between the currently available versions of Bentley Navigator.
Navigator curently exists in V8i, CONNECT and app versions. Each has a varying range of capabilities. These will be explained and put in the context of current and future development.

Bentley User Group UK Events Programme 2016
by bentleyuser - 18 January 2016

no imageThe currently planned dates for Bentley User Group UK events are as follows, see the Events page for detailed listings as plans firm up:

BCUKI - CONNECT Configuration21 January 2016
BCUKI - CONNECT UI17 March 016
BCUKI - CONNECT Document Centre19 May 2016
BCUKI - CONNECT Item Sets/Reporting21 July 2016
BCUKI - CONNECT Printing17 November 2016
BCUKI - CONNECT Parametrics22 September 2016

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About DGN Compression
by Marc Thomas - 29 December 2015

Over the past couple of years I have researched the DGN Compress commands/tools both in the context of the MicroStation platform and AECOsim Building Designer. I've recently revisited the topic. My list of Communities content on the Compress feature has got a little longer, some updates have been added to the earlier pieces as linked here:

What does 'Compress File on Exit' do? I was surprised to find out how little the User Preference 'Compress on Exit' actually does.

Compress Options covers the options available in MicroStation.

How to turn ON/OFF Compress options via Key-in is helpful when running a compress operation with the Batch Processor:

Compress Files by Batch Process, Batch Processing using the Compress Commands is a far better approach to purging DGN files than 'Compress File on Exit'.

For AECOsim Building Designer also read:

Compress Options in AECOSim Building Designer - Behaviour and Configuration

Compress Options can affect Drawing View performance [in AECOsim Building Designer]

Setting Up In The Real World - Collected Links
by Marc Thomas - 14 December 2015

How and where to set up your models in MicroStation, particularly in AECOsim Building Designer, is a question (or series of questions actually) that require some thought and careful consideration in all but the smallest projects. The following is a collection of links to articles on this topic that should be of help to anyone involved in project set up:

Setting Up in the Real World or "Where do we model?"
Setting Up in the Real World GeoReferencing
Setting Up in the Real World GeoReferencing : Large Sites
Setting Up in the Real World Labelling Coordinates
Setting Up in the Real World UK Coordinate Systems

Cached Visible Edges - You Need to Know This!
by Marc Thomas - 07 December 2015

When working with Dynamic Views in MicroStation, and particularly in AECOsim Building Designer where Drawing Views tend to be more complex, using cached Visible Edges will dramatically improve performance and consistency, read these two articles for a detailed run down on why!

ABD SS6 - Best Practices - Cached Visible Edges
Batch Update of Cached Visible Edges (CVE) in AECOsim Building Designer