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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About DGN Compression
by Marc Thomas - 29 December 2015

Over the past couple of years I have researched the DGN Compress commands/tools both in the context of the MicroStation platform and AECOsim Building Designer. I've recently revisited the topic. My list of Communities content on the Compress feature has got a little longer, some updates have been added to the earlier pieces as linked here:

What does 'Compress File on Exit' do? I was surprised to find out how little the User Preference 'Compress on Exit' actually does.

Compress Options covers the options available in MicroStation.

How to turn ON/OFF Compress options via Key-in is helpful when running a compress operation with the Batch Processor:

Compress Files by Batch Process, Batch Processing using the Compress Commands is a far better approach to purging DGN files than 'Compress File on Exit'.

For AECOsim Building Designer also read:

Compress Options in AECOSim Building Designer - Behaviour and Configuration

Compress Options can affect Drawing View performance [in AECOsim Building Designer]