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Free MicroStation PowerDraft for Academics
by bentleyuser - 12 May 2011

While here at bentleyuser we think Bentley should give away all their primary applications free to students to catch 'em young, there is at least one free and easy to access option.

MicroStation PowerDraft V8i is available for free download to students and teachers.

PowerDraft is identical in look and operation to MicroStation. The missing functions are:
- 3D modelling, solids, surfaces and meshes
- Luxology Visualisation
- batch conversion and batch processing
PowerDraft will still create and open 3D files, reference all of the 3D file formats available in MicroStation and display and create 3D Dynamic Views. Every 2D creation and editing tool is included so it is a very powerful drawing tool and ideal for use in preparation for working with MicroStation based practices.

Of course the standalone GenerativeComponents preview is also free to download.

A 2 year Academic licence is available for a relatively modest sum that includes full MicroStation and several other products, contact becareers@bentley.com for more details.

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