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BCUKI Autumn Conference Notes
Some of our speakers notes are now available online.
29 November 2007 - Marc Thomas

Setting the XM Pre-requisite version number with a GPO - updated to 08.09.04.xx
How to add the XM Pre-requisites registry key without running the pre-requisites installer.
14 June 2007 - Marc Thomas

Design History
Design History has leapt forward in MicroStation XM
13 September 2006 - Marc Thomas

Element Templates
Element Templates will be a significant tool in XM
12 September 2006 - Marc Thomas

Are you ready for MicroStation XM?
Plan ahead!
09 May 2005 - Marc Thomas

Study Model Rendering for the Masses
A comprehensive and practical guide for all of us!
14 January 2005 - John Finkell

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